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2017 Olympic Style Competition

Several pieces of information are made available to wrestlers interested in participating in the Olympic styles of wrestling (Freestyle & Greco-Roman). Documentation includes a schedule of events, as well as details related to the culmination of the Olympic-style season, the Freestyle and Greco-Roman National Championships held every year in Fargo, North Dakota (ND).

The Spring begins with a schedule for Junior Olympic events (Freestyle & Greco-Roman); that schedule is now available:

  • 2017 Olympic-Style Spring Road Trip Summary (View / Download PDF below)

There is also a set of paperwork associated with the trip out to Nationals in Fargo:

  • 2017 Fargo Packet (Coming soon)

There is also Petition / Appeal paperwork for anyone interested in wrestling at Fargo Nationals without having met the stated requirements of the Nationals paperwork. This Appeal paperwork is referred to as:

  • 2017 Fargo Petition (Coming soon)


Schedules and paperwork related to Olympic-style wrestling opportunities for males and females in 2017 are now availabley. Local, Regional and National tournaments are available in Freestyle and Greco-Roman styles. USAW-NJ puts together Team NJ contingents to expand any Jersey wrestler's horizons in the Olympic styles of wrestling...

Olympic-Style Spring Road Trip Summary

Spring, 2017 begins with a schedule of Junior Olympic events (Freestyle and Greco-Roman). Click on the schedule (PDF) to the right...

Revised Jan 31, 2017

Fargo Nationals Information Packet

The document on the right contains info about schedules, trip costs, deadlines, training camps, parental and wrestler consent forms, Team NJ gear order forms as well as rules and important info related to Fargo Nationals.


Fargo Team NJ Petition Application

The document on the right is an application for anyone who has not qualified for Fargo but wants to go to Fargo to compete with Team New Jersey in Freestyle and/or Greco-Roman Nationals.