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Due to vacancies, USAW/NJ is seeking nominees to fill three At-Large Member positions on the State Governing Body.  

  • Both the nominee and the nominator must be 2023-24 members of USA Wrestling
  • You may nominate yourself or others
  • The deadline for nominations is Friday, November 3

If you are interested, or have a candidate to recommend, please complete the form below and forward it via email to and/or

Read below about the process for joining our State Governing Body, the board of volunteers who govern USAW/NJ

Nominations are now open for elections to USAW New Jersey State Governing Body (SGB).  The General Membership meeting of USAW/NJ, will be Wednesday, September 27 at 7:00pm at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 1034 Jeanette Ave, Union, NJ.  Doors will open at 6:30 so there is time to check each member’s 2023-24 membership card or USAW receipt for this year’s membership. Please note that this announcement may be updated if circumstances require a change to the date, time and/or location.  Please check this page often. 

The General Membership will elect an at large representative to the State Governing Body, hear reports, see the operation of the state governing body, ask questions and provide feedback to  USAW/NJ.  The state governing body will meet right after the General Membership meeting.  All USAW/NJ members are welcome to stay after the General Membership meeting.

Elections are held at the General Membership meeting of USAW/NJ, which is traditionally held in September each year.  Nominations for elections are solicited during the summer, and are posted at least ten days prior to the meeting.

To be nominated:

  • All current members of USAW/NJ may nominate other members for a position on USAW/NJ State Governing Body.
  • Nominees must renew their USAW annual membership prior to the election.  Because of the lead-time involved for SafeSport certification and mandated background checks, nominees are encouraged to renew as soon as possible.  (For 2023-24, USAW will open membership registration on August 21.)
  • The deadline for submitting nominations is generally two weeks prior to the meeting, which allows the current board time to publish names and prepare for elections.  (For 2023-24, the deadline to submit nominations is 11:59pm on September 13, 2023),
  • The deadline for nominees to complete their 2023-24 membership (including SafeSport training and background screening) will also be published, but is generally three business days prior to the general meeting.  (For 2023-24, the deadline to complete membership enrollment is one day before the meeting, September 26). 


  • All current USAW/NJ members may vote for one At-Large representative to the USAW/NJ SGB.
  • The 2022-23 USAW/NJ State Governing Body (who must also register as active members of USAW for 2023-24 before the deadline) will vote for the balance of the 2023-24 SGB positions that are up for election.  See below.
  • The positions of Chair and Secretary are on 2-year terms and are elected in EVEN years.  The positions of Vice Chair and Treasurer are also 2-year terms, and are are elected in ODD years.  For 2023-24, an even year, the SGB will elect a Chair and Secretary.  The Vice Chair position is being vacated, a candidate will be elected to fill the remaining one-year term.  The Treasurer position will be up for election in 2024-25.

How To Nominate Yourself or Others:

Download the Nomination Form at the top of this page.  Then complete and email to the Nominating Committee by the deadline.  Names and email addresses are listed on the form.


Additional Ways You Can Help:

Become a member of a Council or Committee! USAW/NJ has several Board Committees. The Chair of each Council and Committee is listed on our web site State Governing Body Page.  In addition, the SGB creates Ad Hoc Committees for special purposes.  Complete the nomination form for yourself and send to the Chair(s) of the committee(s) that interest you.  All will be contacted regarding your request to help.