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Legal Status

Status Update

Settlement Communications along with a copy of the USA Wrestling Affiliation Agreement were sent from the Interim Board to a representative of the Former Board. Initial exchanges were cordial and positive. As of Tuesday, April 18th, there has been no return of communication from the Former Board or its representative since that time. We are hopeful that this delay is not intentional, and that negotiations will continue again in good faith with both sides showing the humility and resolve needed to move the organization forward towards full compliance with the USA Wrestling Affiliation Agreement. USAWNJ's continued failure to do so could ultimately result in the termination or revocation of its affiliation status which would further negatively impact the wrestling community of NJ. In the meantime, I have posted the latest link recently provided by the Former Board's Social Media posts so the wrestling community can stay informed thru Thank you for your patience while all efforts are made to bring this situation to a peaceful resolution. If anyone wishes to view the affiliation agreement, simply click on USA Wrestling Affiliation Agreement. Questions regarding the affiliate agreement and USAWNJ's compliance can be directed at 

Next Steps

Since November 14th of 2022, it has been in question which board is the actual board in control of USAWNJ. The court's recent decision to dismiss the complaint without prejudice has not resolved this dispute, nor has it ruled on the validity of the multiple claims made against the former board.  In furtherance of extending an olive branch and offering the other side a vehicle towards working to a compromise, the interim board has decided to offer access to the website for the former board so it may continue its efforts to promote USA Wrestling events in NJ, while also allowing the interim board to do the same. This allows both sides to be productive and effective without shutting the other side out of the public conversation completely. Going forward, the interim board will continue to seek resolution not only thru the courts, but also through any and all civil means necessary to hopefully reach a mutual compromise that truly benefits the Wrestling Community of NJ. We hope these efforts will not be in vain and that cooler heads can prevail and the process of healing can begin. This is only possible if both sides can come together for the benefit of the whole community and by putting their personal differences aside.  We hope this effort will be welcomed by both sides and their respective supporters, thus encouraging all involved to work together, instead of against each other. Together, we can build a better USAWNJ for New Jersey.

Where Do We Stand?

Dear USAWNJ General Members,

I have been fighting for you and your families since I began serving on the board of USAWNJ in February of 2022. The corruption is REAL! There are cash payments and back door deals. The majority of Board members are self-serving and rife with conflicts of interest and ethical violations. The confession is posted below. I spoke up for you, against the good old boys' club, and I met a very similar fate as my predecessor, Lori Ayres. My successor, Tony Arroyo continued the fight and was attacked as well. That's three Women's Chairs in the time frame of less than 1 year. In November, I combined my efforts with Tony Arroyo and Dianna Barkman and I sued the individual board members for their multiple breaches of fiduciary duty. I battled seven lawyers and spent 5 months burning through $25K of my personal funds, to fight for Justice, and to fight for YOU. The judge dismissed our suit against the defendants for lack of standing on behalf of the organization, but he left the door open to amend the complaint to sue the organization itself for its fiduciary breaches against its general membership, and that means YOU. I seek a new board with new bylaws and new blood, to take USAWNJ to new levels of success never seen before. Included in this organization's mission as stated on its last filed tax return in 2017, is to "GRANT SCHOLARSHIPS TO WRESTLERS". USAWNJ burns through $500k+ a year and has not given away one scholarship to an athlete in the last 6 years. How is that possible? 

So, I ask you these next questions. Do you want justice? Do you want to hold this organization accountable and force the necessary changes needed to protect the general members? Do you oppose the Oligarchy rule of the select few who vote themselves in power every year and only serve themselves and their personal interests?

Or do you want me to give up the fight? This is not about power for me. If you support the current board and how things have been done and you want it to be business as usual, then let me know.  

Just so your conscience is clear, you should listen to this recording below before you vote. If you have been harmed by this organization in the past, if you have experienced targeted attacks and retaliation simply because you raised an issue of concern and asked questions, if you experienced harm or suffered damages from this organization for simply trying to file a grievance, this is the time to come forward and let your voices be heard.  USAWNJ is in multiple violations of its Affiliate Agreement with USA Wrestling, the NGB.   Current USAWNJ Bylaws do not provide for a grievance process to address internal issues or resolve conflicts within the organization.  This alone is the biggest issue that must be addressed moving forward, otherwise nothing will change. If you want to help bring about positive change, now is the time to act. This is about the kids and providing the best opportunities. To join the cause, email

Ephesians 5:11

Take no part in the untruthful works of darkness, but instead expose them.

Take the Survey here:

You can also email your response if you have more to say to: to continue the fight.

or to give up the fight.

Current Status on Legal Matter DOCKET NO. UNN-L-3416-22

As you may or may not be aware, there has been a civil suit brought against multiple past and present members of USAWNJ before the Superior Court of Union County in NJ. This page shall serve as public notice to the General Membership of USAWNJ and the wrestling community, to keep them informed of the case and all relevant filings and current developments related to the lawsuit. Below you will find public filings from both sides and all parties involved.  The Interim Board is dedicated to Transparency and the Truth.