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SGB Meeting Agendas & Minutes

2023-24 Election Results

On September 27, the exiting 2022-23 state governing board held the annual General Membership
meeting, followed by a meeting of the SGB for the purpose of conducting elections.
The following individuals were elected, and become the 2023-24 state governing board:

Position Elected Term Ends
State Chair Rick Puerto September 2025
Vice Chair Bill Terrell (remaining 1 year of term) September 2024
Secretary Jessica Morot September 2025
Treasurer Nancy Zuena (2-year term starting 2022) September 2024
Officials Council Nick Mauro pursuant to the vote of the council
Coaches Council Alex Almeyda pursuant to the vote of the council
Scholastic Council Mark Yodice September 2024
International Council Jessica Morot September 2024
Women's Council Joe Cunningham pursuant to the vote of the council
U23/Senior/Cultural Exchange Chris Treston September 2024
Legislative Committee John Welch September 2024
National Trips Committee vacant * (see below)
Publicity Committee Samantha Treston September 2024
Membership Committee Chris Curtis September 2024
Scheduling Committee Dave Mauro September 2024
At-Large (General Membership) Michelle Stocker September 2024
At-Large (SGB) Dr. James Ware September 2024
Area At-Large Gabe Roman September 2024
Area At-Large Kevin Grier September 2024
Area At-Large Rick Dellegatta September 2024
Area At-Large T.J. Conroy September 2024

* T.J. Conroy was elected to two positions, and has decided to accept the At-Large position and vacate the National Trips Committee position. 
A timeline for selection of a new member will follow soon.