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Kids & Girls Scholastic State Championships

Archived Kids Scholastic State Championships usually began in January with 8 qualifiers held over 8 different weekends at 8 different locations and two weekends of State Finals held in two locations.

Boys and girls are both eligible to compete in the Kids Scholastic tournaments. Since 2009, girls also have had a separate state championship tournament that has been held as a separate tournament at the Union Qualifier.

Kids Scholastic Regional Qualifier Tournaments

There have typically been eight regional qualifiers held to get a representative sample of wrestlers from all over the state. Typically, he top three place winners move on to the State Championships tournament. Wrestlers are free to wrestle in more than one qualifier in order to qualify. Make sure to check the rules for each Scholastic season to keep up on rules governing the ability of wrestlers who have already qualified going to another qualifier within the same season.